Thursday, February 3, 2011


I had the great fortune to travel to Baltimore before the snow-mageddon 2011 and participate in a great workshop with Debra Fritts at the Baltimore Clayworks. The workshop revolved around creating a hand built head with attention to proportion and human anatomy. Super fun and made me leave the comfort zone of my face jug creations.

Day 1: Creation of the shell.
Build Neck

Create Chin and Head: Tapper Neck

Find Jaw

Setting placement for features

Ears, Jaw, Cheeks....
Closing the head

Day 2: The fun - Making it personal

I didn't take any photos of the altering and adding of the parts pieces and shoulders. I did take a few of the piece after the AMACO under glazes and englobes were applied. AMACO provides the underglazes for the workshops.

Debra showed us how to apply layers of dry clay to create a interesting surface texture that will crackle when it is fired. Wonder if it will work at cone 10?

I think the one of the things that Debra reminded to be a painter. I spent years painting for theatre and film, and I do not think I have ever tried those techniques with glaze. You don't always need to spray an even coat of glaze, perhaps I need to think of it as colored gesso.

Thanks Debra!