Sunday, September 16, 2012

Almost two months have passed

So in June I was throwing pots at the Venetian having a really good time.  Since that week I can barely remember what has all happened, but here are some highlights:

Michele Gomez Houk, also of CLAY ARTS VEGAS, went to the Utah State Fair where we were the judges for Pottery and Ceramics.  What a display of talent!

I did demonstrations for the Zappos vendor party at the World Market Center.  I wish I had a photo or two; we were set up about 500 feet from a GIANT praying mantis that shot fire out of his antennas.

With CLAY ARTS VEGAS we have had two First Fridays, this month (August)  we have a goblet show with artists from 7 states, students from CAV, and work from Mission Hills Pottery.  The guest juror was Bill Loken of Pahrump Winery.

I was commissioned to create a 3 inch tall figure, in porcelain for a local collector.  The piece was then air brushed b another artist.

My mom was helping at CLAY ARTS VEGAS for two months.

Friday I was commissioned to create 9 mugs and a vase with faces for someones birthday

Yesterday I lost my phone......

And I almost forgot; KNPR featured me as one of the local Las Vegas artists,  Check out the issue

If I keep on top of this perhaps it wont seem like a laundry list,  having  CLAY ARTS VEGAS is a huge under taking.  However, it is so rewarding and a ton of fun.