Saturday, September 21, 2013

CAG CERAMIC ARTIST GUILD -- National Parks Project.


We have been diligently reviewing and considering many applicants for 
this exciting opportunity for ceramic artists.

May I be the first to personally congratulate and let you know that 
you have been officially accepted as one of the CAG Ceramic Artists 
in the National Park participants! 

I must say your letter about the Joshua Tree National Park was well written, and drove us to an immediate connection to that Park. And of course Joshua Tree National Park is your location. 

Alright go celebrate. There is a special facebook group for selected 
artists only to belong in. It may be a week or so before you hear much from us as we wrap up the review process of interested applicants.

We will post your appointment within 24 hours on your CAG main 
pages on facebook.


Tommy Lee
Ceramic Artist Guild
Here are some very rough sketches for the project....
I will be visiting the park and creating the piece at

BLOGGER is having issues with photos, but making hay
while the sun is shining..

Looking at the flower of the Joshua Tree

I think this is where we are going

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Found some photos

I should add these and some others to my webpage., however I am not feeling that ambitious....
These are some things I have been working on the last few months...


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It was great to be a part of the MUFON  Symposium this past weekend.  Meet some interesting folks and saw a lot of great art!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I received a letter last week from the Nevada Arts Council.  They have provided me with a Professional Development Grant - it is to help cover the costs of going to NCECA 2013.

Here are some images of NCECA - I will be doing a full slide show Mid May at Clay Arts Vegas:

Kristen Keifer


Walter McConnell

Walter McConnell and Gerit Grimm

This work will be presented in August 2014 at Clay Arts Vegas

Non-functional it makes me happy-

 and the craft!

I was loving the form and the lift

These Cloud sculptures by Ryan Takaba are amazing

I am in Columbia Missouri today working on Cosi Fan Tutte with my dear friend Christine Seitz.  Hoping to hook up with Bede Clarke later this week.... Watching his demo at NCECA was really great - what a cool happenstance.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gareth Mason At Amoca ---- FUN!!!

i It was great going to AMOCA and seeing the Gareth Mason workshop.  His energy is amazing, technique fascinating, and his finished work is inspiring. 

Gareth Mason is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association and Brother of the Art Workers Guild, London. His work is exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions both in England and Europe. In February 2011 his first solo exhibition in America, entitled Other Forces was held in the Jason Jacques Gallery in Manhattan. A short film about his practice entitled White was awarded Grand Prix at the Projections D’Argile film festival, Montpellier, France in 2002. In 2006 he participated in the European Keramik Symposium, Gmunden and accompanying European touring exhibition.

A major solo exhibition entitled An Unfolding Narrative was held in 2007 at Blackwell, the Arts and Crafts House. He is a member of the International Association for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange and contributed to their conferences in Farnham (England), Nairobi (Kenya) and Icheon (Korea). His vessel, 'Open', received an 'Honourable Mention' award at the World Ceramic Biennale Exhibition, Yeoju, Korea 2009. Recent talks and demonstrations include invited speaker at the 2008 CAAI International Ceramics Conference, Tel Hai, Israel and Invited speaker at 2009 Ege University International Art Days symposium, Izmir, Turkey. He presented an address, 'Fire, Ceramics Mystery and Creativity' in the Speakers Programme at the 2011 SOFA Chicago Expo and was Visiting Artist at California State University, Long Beach in October the same year.
His most recent show was Fire and Wax, a two person exhibition with the New York painter Martin Kline, part of the Piacenti Gallery's exhibition 'Masters Old and New', in association with Jason Jacques. 'Friendship Forged in Fire' at AMOCA will be his first exhibition in California.
He lives and works in Hampshire, England. His website is

Now if  I can get the NCECA app to download