Monday, June 7, 2010


Finally got the pieces from last months photoed. Kind of excited by what came out of the Wood Soda fire. We sprayed at cone 9. Cone 12 was bending, cone 11 was bent --

This guy reminds me of an Opera Singer --- or a friendly devil (16" tall)

Always like the jugs of smokers (he is about 5" tall)

This teapot was a combination of Tom Coleman's Orange Carbon Trap Shino, Malcom Davis' shino, and Orange Crystal Matt -- I spattered it with Elemer's Glue working on trying to create some patterning with carbon trap. (10" Tall)

Crushed Spirit is my darkest piece from this firing. From the other side you see the where I crushed the head causing the porcelain to crack. The glazing is a combination of shinos and blue glaze and clay which was dug from a local dinosaur dig. (10" tall - 14" long)

Tomorrow is day 2 of the Tom Coleman workshop at Pottery West --- I an the studio assistant; amazing amount of information to take in!

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