Monday, January 10, 2011

Wood Soda Firing at POTTERY WEST

Had the opportunity to fire the amazing WOOD SODA KILN at Pottery West in Las Vegas.

The (aprx) 45 cubic foot kiln always performs well. John Gregg and I had about 125 pieces between us, and there were a number of pieces from artists and students from the Pottery West. There was a combination of green and bisque pieces.

From 7pm till 12am we used a propane weed burner to candling to 200.

Our friend and fellow artist Derek over saw Midnight to 5am shift taking the kiln to 5oo degrees; sadly at 5am I had a face jug blow up. Quick thinking on John's part, he opened the door and pulled the shrapnel as it was resting on some student work. His description of the event reminded me of his fearless raku technique.

At 6am I came in; with John, our friends and students of PW. It was great to see Gigi Marquart who is the president of the Nevada Clay Guild and Linda Whitehair a great ceramics teacher and artist.

When the kiln was at cone 9 down we added our soda with a combination of burritos and spray:

Burrito recipe:

1.25lb Soda Ash
1.25lb Baking Soda
3lb of wood chip

Allow to soak 3 days

Take Burrito filling wrap in Newspaper.
Insert using steel angle iron into the kiln

We also sprayed 1 gallon Baking Soda/Soda Ash solution into kiln via high a high port.
1lb Soda ash (in boiling water)
1lb Baking Soda

We ended the firing at 9pm. When we closed the kiln we did a final stir of the ash bed and filled the bury box. In total we burnt about 2 1/2 cords of wood.

Kiln opening on 1/12/2011 at 3pm!`

Thank you to Amy Kline for allowing us to use the kiln and her vast knowledge.

Sorry video is in the wrong direction

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