Monday, June 20, 2011


So when last I blogged, I was loading the Wood Soda Kiln at Pottery West. The firing was AMAZING lots of really good work. We had a slight mishap, we used three of the hollow core shelves at the front of the load. Those shelves are now dead, and hollow core shelves are in general are dead to me.

For the last two weekends I have been in north of Salt Lake City selling pots. The first show was in Ogden UT, a great one day art show. The weather was amazing and the folks there ate up the new product.

Last weekend I was in Logan UT, it was a three day show called LOGAN SUMMERFEST. It was interesting. I did sell one of my favorite pieces from the Soda Fire. I was told told by the women who bought it was going to be a Father's Day gift. Her dad is a collector...

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